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ICQ Teams With Mail2World to Launch Enhanced E-Mail Service for Millions of ICQ Users Worldwide

Los Angeles, CA--Nov. 22, 2004


Next-Generation Web-based Email

-- Upgraded Free E-Mail Service Offers Advanced Virus Scan, Spam Filtering, and Customization Features to All ICQ Users

-- New Premium E-Mail Service Offers Two Gigabytes of Storage, Compression Tools, Secure Log-In and Wireless Access for a Small Annual Fee


ICQ ("I Seek You"), a leading instant messaging service provider and global online community, and Mail2World, Inc., a global provider of advanced messaging and collaboration solutions, today announced the official launch of a new and improved e-mail service for the more than 20 million active ICQ® users worldwide.


The free ICQmail service offers sophisticated e-mail features, including advanced virus scan, spam filtering, instant e-mail translation, and a variety of new customization features, automatically to current members and is free of charge for all users.


In addition, ICQ today released a premium version of its ICQmail service that offers two gigabytes of storage, personal calendaring and gives users the ability to record and send video e-mails that anyone with a Windows-based PC can play back. It provides WAP access to Web-based e-mail, and also lets users forward their e-mails from computers to mobile phones or other wireless devices anywhere in the world via Short Message Service (SMS) technology.


In addition, the premium ICQmail service gives users the ability to handle and compress large attachments, schedule delivery of outgoing mail, create distribution groups and set up auto-responses. It supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) login, as well as POP3, IMAP4, SMTP and wireless access. The service is available for US $19.99 per year.


ICQ partnered with Mail2World to deliver the worldwide upgrade of its free ICQmail service and to provide portions of the new premium ICQmail service. Mail2World offers a scalable communications platform and advanced e-mail services that are designed to host millions of mailboxes at once.


"We are extremely pleased to be working with Mail2World to provide our users with an easy-to-use and reliable Web-based e-mail service, free of charge," said Danny Ben Shitrit, vice president for Product Marketing at ICQ. "Mail2World's solutions have enabled us to offer a highly customizable user experience. We will offer our users additional convenience by providing one-click access to ICQmail through the Xtraz Center on the ICQ client in the very near future."


"We're very proud to provide reliable, high-performance service to all ICQmail customers and to help deliver the premium ICQmail service as well," said Youssef Abed, executive vice president and COO of Mail2World. "Users can now enjoy state-of-the-art e-mail services customized with their preferred ICQ look and feel."


Features of the Free ICQmail Service Include:

  • Advanced virus protection, including automatic scanning of e-mails, attachments and embedded images in all incoming and outgoing messages. Users can also run a manual scan.
  • Spam filtering, including state-of-the-art technology to help users keep their mailboxes spam-free and control unwanted junk e-mail on their own terms.
  • Instant e-mail translation services, with support for up to seven languages.
  • New send and receive options, including rich text composition (e.g., bold, italic, etc.), the ability to view images within a message, priority settings with color coding and new attachment features.
  • Enhanced message management, including a new "draft" folder, a choice of the number of messages that appear on a message list, sent mail confirmation and the ability to see message priority.
  • Advanced mail search functionality, including the option to search by date or date range, within message text, in all folders and in both read and unread messages.
  • New convenience features, including six megabytes of storage, a "remember user name and password" function and alerts to let users know they have new e-mail.
  • Increased customization features, including colors, e-mail skins and the ability to insert ICQ(R) Devils and other avatar images into the ICQmail interface.

For screenshots of both the basic and premium ICQmail services, please go to:

About ICQ
ICQ is a leading instant messaging service provider and global online communications community. The company's robust instant messaging software, enhanced communications features and dynamic community are available in 18 languages free of charge at ICQ, created in 1996 by the Israel-based company, Mirabilis, is now wholly owned by America Online, Inc.

About Mail2World, Inc.
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