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Mail2World Launches Email Continuity and Extended Enterprise Messaging Services

Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. 7, 2004


Next-Generation Web-based Email

Mail2World, Inc., a global provider of advanced outsourced messaging and collaboration solutions, today announced the release of two high-performance business services: Email FailSafe for ensuring email continuity against in-house system failures, and Pangia Workforce for extending internal enterprise messaging to deskless workers, mobile professionals and other external employees around the globe. Based on Mail2World's massive, scalable Pangia Communications Platform™, these services break new ground by combining superior features and functionality with affordable pricing.


"Email FailSafe solves an expensive communication problem that continues to plague organizations: email downtime," states Sean Game, Mail2World's Director of Product Development. "We developed Email FailSafe because other solutions simply are not completely satisfactory. Email FailSafe quietly runs parallel to in-house systems like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes until the in-house system crashes. In seconds, the entire organization can shift email operations to Email FailSafe's branded, feature-rich, Web-hosted service. Users don't miss a beat�or an email�and neither do their customers."


Mail2World's Pangia Workforce emerged to fill the communications void created by the fact that enterprise messaging stops at the walls of corporate headquarters, cutting off the company's extended workforce (e.g., factory workers, retail clerks) from the benefits of electronic communications. In an attempt to fill the gap, corporations spend thousands of dollars printing and mailing job-related information to remote facilities.


Brian Schmidt, Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Mail2World provides examples of how Pangia Workforce can fill the communications void: "For only pennies per user, corporate managers can now send work schedules, a security protocol or an HR document to extended workers anywhere in the world via corporate-branded email in seven languages. Extended workers access their email on any computer with an Internet connection, along with shared calendars and documents, text messaging and other productivity-enhancing features. We're convinced Pangia Workforce marks a sea change in global enterprise communications."


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Mail2World, Inc. designs, delivers, and supports a technology-leading platform for messaging and collaboration services. The Pangia Platform addresses different customer types specifically: ISPs; Small, Medium, and Large Businesses; Educational Institutions; Portals; and individual users. Mail2World is a privately held corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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