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Mail2World Announces New Release of Pangia Protect™

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--January 22, 2004


Protection Against Spam, Virus, and Email Filtering Solution for Email Communications
 Pangia Protect™ 3.0 blocks 98.2% of spam, offers a 99.99% protection against false positives and provides Mail2World's customers with significant anti-spam enhancements designed to dramatically reduce the quantity of unwanted email arriving at their users' inboxes.

"The new multi-layered engine offers truly reliable performance and, thanks to its real-time updates, is protected against decay caused by constantly-evolving spamming techniques. Furthermore, it has been developed with system administrators' needs in mind; it contains numerous productivity tools, such as a multi-level delegation system, inbound/outbound quarantine and user-customizable anti-spam, anti-virus and forbidden attachments settings," said David J. Rodecker, Vice-President of Technology.

Pangia Protect deploys different levels of detection and multiple scanning engines to quickly tag and remove offensive sources of internal and external Spam abuse at the server, client, and user level. Each traffic environment is separate, setting up boundaries that are independent and use separate detection mechanisms and rules. The result is a scalable environment that doesn't depend on shared resources and allows easy monitoring, recognition, and handling of traffic load. Updates of virus signature databases are automatic. Pangia Protect's engines check for new virus updates every thirty minutes and email service is automatically protected against fast-moving new viruses as they are discovered.

About Pangia Protect™
Mail2World's comprehensive spam & virus email protection service, Pangia Protect™, dynamically and transparently scans, detects, and quarantines spam and viruses, delivering fast, reliable, and hands-free protection. The fully hosted, totally integrated solution includes multiple scanning engines and offers advanced protection for incoming, outgoing, and internal email traffic.

About Mail2World, Inc.
Mail2World, Inc. designs, delivers, and supports a technology-leading platform for messaging and collaboration services. The Pangia Platform addresses different customer types specifically: ISPs; Small, Medium, and Large Businesses; Educational Institutions; Portals; and individual users. Mail2World is a privately held corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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