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"Buzz" Is The New Email Netiquette

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--September 23, 2003


Netiquette lists abound on how not to annoy your co-workers and friends with improper email usage. Naturally, SMS or text messaging is the next best method of communicating electronically. Text messaging, because of its speed and broadcasting ability is fundamentally different from other mediums of communication. Because the delivery is real-time, messaging is more direct and personal requiring immediate notice by the receiver.


"We are not surprised that text messaging is our second highest selling product," said David Rodecker, VP of Technology. "We have a strong email customer base, but we quickly added text messaging to our services because we saw the demand for instant communication. Email is a great tool for communicating, but you can't beat the portability and speed of text messaging."


Mail2World's unique SMS capability is its ability to send a message in any language. "SMS is continuing to push global barriers. With multilingual capabilities, sending a message is now even more efficient and quicker than any communication tool on the market. Our business partners are quick to point out that SMS Alerts is becoming a regular tool in the board room in receiving notification of important emails or messages," says David. Customers enjoy two types of services: sending SMS messages worldwide in any language through an easy interface and receiving SMS alerts on computers, mobile phones, PDAs, or other wireless device - through a network of over 350 wireless carriers.


While SMS or text messaging is increasingly growing in popularity and seems to be the buzz around most wireless devices, Mail2World users purchase messages in bulk for daily interaction and business communications through their email environment. Efficiency and expediency are the two common reasons why users are attracted to the service.

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