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Mail2World Announces, a Web-Based EMail Service Featuring Instant EMail Translation Technology for Spanish- and Portuguese-Speaking Users



Mail2World Inc., a leading Web-based multilingual messaging service provider (MSP) based in California, today launched, a revolutionary online service allowing real-time email translation between Spanish/ Portuguese and English.

The service features a virtual keyboard that allows email to be composed, displayed and sent in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

In addition to Spanish, Portuguese, and English, Mail2World offers cross- language translation for Arabic, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

"Mail2World is the first online service in the world to close the email communications gap between speakers and writers of different languages around the world," said Fahad Enany, chief executive officer of Mail2World.

"Most of the future growth on the Internet will come from non- English users. Our new mail2latin site enables Spanish businesses and consumers to communicate in eight different languages. This is an opportunity that did not exist before today."

Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking online users can subscribe to the free email service on the site. In addition to the language-translation capabilities, the free site allows new users to choose from 2,000 domain names and offers a wide range of choices for colors, skins and other powerful personal interface preferences.

Mail2World provides business, portal and ISP customers with full- service turnkey email, including the language-translation capabilities available on the consumer site. Mail2World provides corporate branding through the email interface, extensive message storage, advanced administrator tools for efficient management of email accounts, and reliable 24x365 technical support.

"Mail2World's business email messaging services are the most advanced for the truly global market," stated Enany. "For businesses who want to cut costs by outsourcing their email while giving their employees direct access to a multilingual market, whether in Cairo, Paris or Tokyo, we're the best game in town."

Mail2World's English-language site, which was launched in December of last year, is found at


About Mail2World, Inc.
Mail2World Inc. is a leading global provider of outsourced messaging services to enterprises and service providers. Mail2World provides consumer messaging and business MSP services featuring integrated Internet email services, email translation capabilities, extensive user personalization, virus protection, spam control and full corporate branding.

Mail2World technology empowers people and enterprises around the world to communicate without the barriers of language or geography.


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