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Mail2World Resellers

Mail2World's Reseller Program is easy and profitable. We provide access to a wide variety of online resource tools to help you provision and manage effectively your business email solutions. Every business need is unique and we provide your organization with the marketing tools to sell and grow your customer base quickly and easily!

Your customers will have complete access to Mail2World's cutting edge email technology and support. As a Reseller, you reap the rewards of becoming a channel partner. We offer high monthly commissions and a range of services to help you design and deliver your own brand of email services to attract and retain customers and build business service revenue.

  • Mobile and Webmail Email Packages
  • Generate High, Recurring Commissions
  • Increase the Number of Business Customers
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Online Marketing, Administration & Support Tools
  • Zero down-time to Market
Drive growth and profitability in today's market by becoming a Mail2World Reseller!
Call us or contact us by completing the Reseller form.
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