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Los Angeles, CA (September 02, 2023) – Mail2World, Inc., a global leader of advanced email hosting, email messaging, and collaboration email solutions today, announced that it has launched an updated mobile interface to its email platform. The new platform will be known as Mobile Web and it is automatically launched when anyone navigates to their webmail site on a mobile device.


The Mobile Web platform is meticulously crafted to deliver a fluid, user-friendly experience, mirroring the desktop interface's familiarity yet finely tuned for mobile devices. It boasts of easy-to-navigate, quick-to-load, and secure features, allowing users to handle their emails with the same proficiency and convenience they experience on larger screens. Compatible across major operating systems such as iOS and Android, the platform offers a uniform and adaptive design for a variety of devices. Emphasizing user engagement, the interface includes touch-and-swipe gestures, effortless access to attachments, and a streamlined menu layout, positioning Mobile Web at the forefront of revolutionizing Mail2World's mobile email interaction.


Enhancing the user experience further, Mail2World's Mobile Web platform rolls out an array of cutting-edge features. These advancements encompass AI-powered email sorting, intelligent notifications, and the capability for offline access, ensuring productivity remains unhindered even when connectivity is limited. "With Mobile Web, we're not just adapting to the changing needs of our users; we're anticipating them. By integrating robust security features like end-to-end encryption and proactive malware and spam filters, we are setting a new standard in email communications," stated Youssef Abed, Executive Vice President of Mail2World. This launch not only accentuates Mail2World’s dedication to superior email solutions but firmly cements its role as an innovator in the realms of email hosting and communication technologies.


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Mail2World, Inc., ( designs, delivers and supports an award-winning suite of carrier-class, Web-based, private-label email messaging, email hosting, and collaboration email services for businesses. With the richest email feature set in the industry, Mail2World's customer base includes hundreds of reputable brands and prominent organizations from around the world, such as publicly-traded corporations, telecom carriers, mobile operators, and some of the most-recognized universities and online social portals.



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