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Los Angeles, CA – April 22, 2024 – Mail2World, a leading global provider of advanced email solutions, is expanding our integration with AdMedia, a prominent online advertising network. Our deeper collaboration and partnership further enhances ad performance and revenue on the Mail2World email platform while providing important ad revenue options for our partners.

In addition to Search and standard AdMedia ad offerings, our team’s collaboration includes inline and targeted ads, portal integration and premium services to provide a seamless user experience with optimal revenue options. By leveraging AdMedia’s strengths with our development teams, we are able to provide the most comprehensive targeted approach for customers to see advertisements tailored to their interests and needs to create more meaningful interactions.

Our unique and innovative integration with AdMedia marks a significant milestone in Mail2World’s mission to transform digital advertising into a more engaging and integrated experience for users across its email platform. As our teams continue to build our partnership, Mail2World and AdMedia are committed to provide the most complete and lucrative ad revenue model for our partners.

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Mail2World, Inc. designs, delivers and supports a technology-leading and award-winning suite of carrier-class, Web-based email and collaboration services. Architected and developed to handle hundreds of millions of email mailboxes, Mail2World’s Consumer and Business Email Hosting and Collaboration Platform addresses the growing need for advanced, ultra-reliable and cost-effective email and collaboration services for small and medium-sized businesses, education, membership organizations and large-scale service providers.



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