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Mail2World understands the importance of having a smooth migration.  As a recognized leader in our industry for large scale migration and integration projects, Mail2World’s highly-skilled team will work closely with your staff to ensure a seamless customer transition.

With Mail2World’s Hosted Email Platform, there's no hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain.  Your team will always maintain overall management and administrative control through our modular feature set, real-time reports and easy-to-use control panel.

API Integration

Nearly all the functionality that Mail2World supports can be extended through our Web service. Mail2World Email Services can be communicated via any system through our APIs using remote calls, thereby enabling third parties to perform standard functional interfacing. 

Flexible Design

Mail2World’s technology enables partners and customers to design and configure messaging components using both http and REST APIs to incorporate their organizations’ look and feel into the online platform. Our flexible email architecture further allows customers to seamlessly integrate Mail2World email technology into their existing environments (e.g., provisioning, customer support, billing and social applications).

The Mail2World Communications Email Platform™ (Message Store) utilizes third-party developers via a REST API, which provides a simple, standard W3C protocol for reading and writing data over the Internet. To prevent unauthorized use of the APIs, IP restrictions may be configured to limit the source IP of the calling server.


Our Web and Mobile Email interface pages offer many branding options including: logos, skins, email footer taglines, banners, terms of service, copyright footers, system generated messages, URL and service names for IMAP, POP, SMTP and WAP.


Mail2World’s application includes multilingual capabilities to allow the email interface to be presented in various languages.  The Mail2World customer chooses the default language for the interface, with the option for their users to customize individual language preferences with one of the 13 available languages.  If a language is not currently available, a request for the desired language can be made.   


Mail2World works closely with our customers to define the transition events and precise timing of the sequential steps so the migration is seamless and transparent to users. A smooth migration from an existing email service to Mail2World’s email platform is achieved by rapidly adapting all user settings, email data and configurations from the existing service into the Mail2World hosted email service.


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