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The Challenge

Threats to your email infrastructure can hit anytime from many directions: power outages, system glitches, virus attacks and natural or man-made disasters. Since the cost of downtime from any one of these threats can be millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity, companies must find a way to deliver uninterrupted, fully operational email service.


The Solution

Mail2World's Disaster Recovery module  provides an always-on, hosted backup solution that guarantees your company will never again experience email downtime or lost messages.


The architecture of FailSafe Disaster Recovery is functionally equivalent to, but structurally different from, Microsoft® Exchange™, Lotus Notes™ and other email systems. That's why FailSafe Disaster Recovery is impervious to the cause of your system's failure, serving as an ever-present, invisible shield against the often devastating effects of system crashes. The result is uninterrupted, fully operational email service to your users from the moment your existing system fails. 


Feature Highlights & Benefits

  • Guaranteed 24/7/365 off-site redundancy: We guarantee zero downtime for users and customers during any cause of system failure. 
  • Incoming message buffer: Incoming emails are never rejected, so customers and vendors are unaware of your system outage.
  • Storage servers: Backup storage servers retain all incoming messages received during downtime, so no communications are lost.
  • Full-featured Web email interface: Employees can continue to communicate through Webmail to retrieve, write and send messages while your in-house system is down.
  • Queued messages: Messages are queued while your in-house system is down and immediately restored to your system when it's back online, eliminating 4- to 48-hour delays or retrys.
  • “Pause” button: A pause feature holds messages during scheduled downtime for system maintenance without incurring email rejections.
  • Email continuity: System monitoring, reporting and 24/7 technical support work together to ensure email continuity.


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