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The Challenge

Expensive legal liabilities, unauthorized distribution of company information, employee sabotage and other threats loom large over today’s corporate landscape. To reduce risk of misuse and loss, a company’s email system must be secured by enforcement of policies controlling information access and distribution. Policy managers need effective tools to monitor, quarantine and inspect incoming and outgoing messages and attachments.


The Solution

Mail2World’s FailSafe Policy Enforcement is an affordable, always-on solution that filters and stores every message sent or received by a company’s employees. Through an easy-to-use interface, authorized managers can designate criteria, settings and block/safe features for capturing certain types of messages or attachments for further inspection.


Content Policy Filters
Outbound emails sent by corporate users pass through a set of customizable content filters that are controlled by policy managers from an easy-to-use Web control panel. When the content filters detect a suspicious outgoing message or attachment, those items are immediately delivered to a quarantine server, where policy managers may inspect them more closely for policy violations. 


Web-based Message Monitoring and Retrieval
Any authorized user wishing to monitor or retrieve archived or quarantined messages may simply login to a password-protected Web interface. Messages can be quickly and easily searched by Subject, Date, From, To, CC, Message Size, Attachment and Priority. Users may also conduct a full text search of the Message Body and popular attachment formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.


Feature Highlights & Benefits

  • Sophisticated, customizable rules: Policy managers can set message characteristics, including words and phrases in the subject line, message size, sender and recipient addresses, specific domains and attachments.
  • Block list/ Safe list: Full block-list and safe-list features give users and administrators domain-level control. 
  • Attachment filters: Forbidden attachment feature fingerprints offensive attachments.
  • Powerful, multilayered spam and virus filters: Fourteen different layers of filters detect and quarantine unwanted messages.
  • Access to quarantine server: Message quarantine server with user and administrator access allows easy inspection of suspicious messages.
  • External message archive: Safely store all inbound and out bound email for seven days to guarantee no message is lost and assist with regulatory and legal compliance.
  • Online search: Fast access to quarantined and archived messages allows you to quickly sort messages, locate specific messages through advanced search tools and delete or redirect any confidential company information.


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