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In today’s environment, a mobile messaging portfolio consists of SMS, MMS, mobile instant messaging and mobile email. As mobile messaging usage continues to surge globally, organizations are recognizing the potential for SMS business applications, and service providers are integrating communication tools to promote data traffic, reduce churn, and ultimately, increase revenue.      


The Short Message Service (SMS) Manager allows users to send text messages directly from their messaging accounts to a mobile phone or other wireless devices that support SMS.Mail2World’s Email-to-SMS Text Messaging also allows users to receive SMS alerts, email messages as text on their SMS-only mobile devices and forward SMS messages to an external email address.   


With Mail2World’s global SMS service, users enjoy three types of services:

  • SMS via messaging (or Email -to-SMS).
  • SMS Alerts.
  • SMS forwarding to an email address.

  Feature Highlights

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Immediate text messaging to global contacts directly from email interface to mobile devices worldwide.
  • Fully integrated into Webmail client.
  • Includes alerts, info-text, Web-to-wireless content, notifications, etc.
  • Multilingual messaging.
  • Integration with operator SMSC Gateway.
  • History log and reporting.
  • Unicode 16-bit support (French, Chinese, etc.).




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