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Mail2World's Drive provides a safe, convenient, online file cabinet for storing and sharing digital files such as photos, MP3s, documents, movies and programs. As a core application within Mail2World’s Email Platform, Drive allows users to store and share files with friends, family and business associates all over the world.

Drive automatically extracts attachments from email into folders. Once digital files are inside, users can perform a number of tasks, such as moving files into public or private folders; sharing music; editing photos; making notes in documents; and more.

Feature Highlights

  • Group sharing of folders or attachments with permission rules and storage settings
  • Filtered format views for quick access: files, images, videos, audio, documents, ZIP files or programs
  • Auto zip/compress files for faster download
  • Multiple file views: Thumbnail, detail and icons
  • File sharing capability with other social networksalt


WebMail V12 Product Sheet

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