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Los Angeles, CA (December 05, 2023) – Mail2World, Inc., a leader in advanced email hosting, email messaging, and collaboration email solutions, has today announced the integration of GitLab, a renowned DevOps platform, into its software development lifecycle. This initiative reflects the company's commitment to employing innovative technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity in building and maintaining its state-of-the-art email solutions.


Youssef Abed, Executive Vice President of Mail2World, highlighted the strategic impact of this integration. "The adoption of GitLab is a pivotal move in our development strategy. Its robust features in continuous integration and deployment allow our teams to deliver higher-quality updates and features faster and more reliably than before," said Abed. "By enhancing our workflow and collaboration with GitLab, we're not only refining our internal processes but also elevating the overall experience for our customers worldwide."


The implementation of GitLab empowers Mail2World's development teams to optimize project management, accelerate the development cycle, and enhance collaboration. This transition aligns with Mail2World's goal of driving innovation and staying ahead in the competitive market of email and messaging solutions.


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Mail2World, Inc., ( designs, delivers and supports an award-winning suite of carrier-class, Web-based, private-label email messaging, email hosting, and collaboration email services for businesses. With the richest email feature set in the industry, Mail2World's customer base includes hundreds of reputable brands and prominent organizations from around the world, such as publicly-traded corporations, telecom carriers, mobile operators, and some of the most-recognized universities and online social portals.



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