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Los Angeles, CA (January 06, 2021) – Global email provider Mail2World announced today the release of new mobile application features supporting enhanced features and usability for Android and iOS users. Mail2World, a leading email provider for web and mobile applications for personal and business users, continues to expand the feature set of its mobile applications across multiple platforms.

The Mail2World applications now include a delivery request confirmation feature. This automated notification gives the sender peace of mind via a confirmation email that their message has been delivered to the intended recipient. Additionally, the mobile applications now include an additional feature in the settings section to allow users the ability to choose how long the undo button appears on their screen, giving users the option to “undo” the last action taken within the app. For example, undoing an action can be the canceling of a sent email.

The full list of new features includes:

• Read Receipt
• Delivery Receipt Request
• Undo Timer
• A new “About this App” section
• Dark/Light Mode

“Mail2World is committed to the enhancement of its email technology, improved security, and an amazing user experience,” said Youssef Abed, Executive Vice President, and COO, Mail2World. “As the number of email users around the globe continues to grow, the need for advanced email features and applications has become even more of a necessity in today’s interconnected and remote working world.”

About Mail2World, Inc.

Mail2World, Inc. designs, delivers and supports a technology-leading and award-winning suite of carrier-class, Web-based email and collaboration services. Architected and developed to handle hundreds of millions of email mailboxes, Mail2World’s Consumer and Business Email Hosting and Collaboration Platform addresses the growing need for advanced, ultra-reliable and cost-effective email and collaboration services for small and medium-sized businesses, education, membership organizations and large-scale service providers.



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