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Mail2World Boosts Customer Security

February 17, 2015


In an ongoing effort to provide the most secure email service to its customers, Mail2World has implemented SHA-2 for all domains and mailboxes in its email platform to protect client information.


SHA-1 and SHA-2 are the secure hash algorithms required for the protection of sensitive unclassified information.  As security technology evolves, the SHA-2 hash function has been implemented in widely used security applications and protocols, including TLS and SSL, PGP, SSH, S/MIME and IPsec. With these security updates from our operations and network teams, Mail2World customers will now enjoy the following important updates:


1. SHA-2 [Update from SHA-1]

2. TLS for SMTP: Email services will now include a preference for strong encryption and ciphers as the first choice before allowing lower level ciphers [Rc4, sslv3]. For example, M2W will start with version 1.2, then 1.1, then 1.0.


With the use of SHA2 to hash passwords stored in our database, Mail2World continues to provide leadership in the marketplace by delivering a highly-secure, industry-standard process for our customer’s email services.