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New Online PDF and Document Viewer Makes File Previewing Simpler

Sending and receiving attachments are an important part of daily email activity.  But with the slew of attachments one receives, it’s easy to get caught downloading files that only need to be viewed once, but not necessarily downloaded to take up space on the computer.


With that in mind, Mail2World has added a new Online PDF and Document Viewer to its WebMail v12 platform, which allows users to view attachments directly from within an email without the need to download it. This added convenience gives users the freedom to preview files quickly so they can decide if the attachment is important enough to be downloaded and kept.


The Online Viewer provides a “read only” window to the email attachment, giving users a preview of the attachment’s content – similar to receiving a sample or excerpt of a new book that has just arrived.  By clicking on the file icon, users can see the content to decide whether to view or save the file.  This new feature is also useful in helping users conserve disc space on their computers from unneeded files. The Online Viewer supports multiple file types including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files, with more file types planned for future updates.


The Online Viewer is just one of the many cutting edge features that Mail2World has added to its email platform as part of its ongoing effort to improve the email experience.