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Mail2World Announces New Spam and Virus Protection Release

Los Angeles, Calif., September 18, 2006


Pangia Protect 3.0 Defends Against Image Spam Attacks

Today's announcement by Mail2World, Inc., a global provider of on-demand, hosted email and collaboration services, introduces strong new countermeasures deployed by the company against the recent surge of image-based spam. Image spam replaces text with images or a combination of images and text in an attempt to evade traditional, text-based anti-spam filters. When image spam attacks intensified in the second quarter of 2006, Mail2World moved quickly to protect its customers and their end users by enhancing the company's multilayered Pangia ProtectTM filtering technology at a time when other email providers' users were still struggling with the more common text-based spam.


"We've seen image-based spam jump to almost 25 percent of all nuisance mail hitting our global email systems, which currently handle more than one billion messages a month," states Mail2World's Executive Vice President and COO Youssef Abed. "With our latest upgrade to Pangia Protect, we're confident we can frustrate spammers using this devious new scheme."


Mail2World's experience echoes that of other organizations who report huge bandwidth and storage overloads from image-based spam, which is typically three times the file size of text-based spam. According to Michael Osterman, an analyst writing in the July 16, 2006 issue of Network World Magazine: "That means organizations need to use either in-house perimeter defenses in order to block image spam before it has to be processed using CPU-intensive spam filtering techniques, or they need to use a managed service that will prevent email from reaching the network and thereby consume additional bandwidth and storage."


Mail2World's new release of Pangia Protect 3.0 includes the ability to decode images in spam, detect recurrent patterns in similar messages and block image-based spam. Its protection strategy is partially based on the most fundamental characteristic of all malware: mass distribution over the Internet. Rather than evaluating each individual message, large volumes of Internet traffic are analyzed in real time. New spam and malware outbreaks are identified as soon as they emerge, resulting in instant protection from new outbreaks far ahead of signatures or software updates. "Our customers will never know they were the target of image spam attacks," adds Abed. "Unless of course, they set their feature-rich, anti-spam controls to collect spam in their Junk Mail folder or send tagged spam to another folder, such as Inbox."


About Pangia Protect

Pangia Protect 3.0 is offered by Mail2World as a fully managed service providing comprehensive, affordable protection against spam and viruses for businesses of all sizes, ISPs, portals and educational institutions. Pangia Protect dynamically and transparently scans, detects and quarantines image- and text-based spam and viruses, providing comprehensive online reports for end users and administrators. A fully hosted, integrated solution, Pangia Protect's multiple scanning engines and image decoders provide a 98.2 percent catch rate with 99.99 percent false-positive protection for incoming, outgoing and internal email traffic. Pangia Protect is included with Mail2World's hosted email service at no additional cost and may be purchased as part of Mail2World's Email FailSafe Service. For more information, please visit or call (310) 209-0060 x101.

About Mail2World
Mail2World designs, delivers and supports a technology-leading and award-winning suite of business-class email and online collaboration services. Custom-engineered to handle tens of millions of mailboxes, Mail2World's Pangia Communications PlatformTM addresses the growing need for advanced, cost-effective messaging and collaboration in global enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses and large-scale service providers. The company's growing list of customers includes prominent organizations from around the world, such as publicly-traded corporations, top-ten colleges listed in Newsweek's America's Best Colleges 2007 report and some of the largest online properties. Founded in 2000, Mail2World is a privately held corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif.

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