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Mail2World Launches Mobile Email Via Email-to-SMS

Los Angeles, Calif., May 13, 2009


Mail2World, Inc., a global provider of advanced mobile and Webmail messaging and collaboration services, has released an enhancement to the company’s Mobile Mail service offering that allows users with older mobile phone models to send and receive email via SMS. This enhancement integrates Mail2World’s existing Email-to-SMS application with Mobile Mail to provide anywhere, anytime email access for all mobile users, regardless of the type of their mobile device.


“This new offering further strengthens our customers’ position with their users by building brand loyalty and providing social applications that increase ARPU and reduce customer churn,” states Brian R. Schmidt, vice president of sales at Mail2World. “With over 3.3 billion cell phone users in the world, the demand for mobile email is enormous. Millions of those users, particularly in developing countries, are still using SMS-only mobile devices and just beginning their eventual upgrade path toward a browser-enabled mobile device. It’s important to our customers and our company that we keep offering new and innovative services like our new Mobile Mail SMS enhancement that meet the needs of all types of users around the world.”


Mail2World’s Mobile Mail currently provides wireless access to messages, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes via Internet and WAP-enabled mobile phones and PDAs. The service includes full support for popular wireless messaging clients and mobile devices, including:

  • Palm® OS: VersaMail®, SnapperMail® and ChatterMail®
  • Nokia®Symbian®
  • Windows®: Outlook™ and InboxToGo™
  • RIM: BlackBerry® (BIS integration)
  • Apple®: iPhone™
  • Google™: Android™


According to a recent Radicati report, email access via mobile phone will increase to more than one billion people by 2013, and most of those email accounts will probably belong to regular consumers, not business users. Mail2World is currently positioning its research and development efforts to provide the full range of tomorrow’s users with the best possible mobile email solutions.


About Mail2World®

Mail2World, Inc., ( designs, delivers and supports an award-winning suite of carrier-class, Web-based, private-label messaging and collaboration services. With the richest feature set in the industry, Mail2World's customer base includes hundreds of reputable brands and prominent organizations from around the world, such as publicly-traded corporations, telecom carriers, mobile operators, and some of the most-recognized universities and online social portals.


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