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Mail2World partnership with Ingram Micro

As Mail2World expands our partnership with Ingram Micro to provide cloud services email for carrier and large service providers around the world, our teams recently completed development of our new APS 2.0 CCPV2 package for CloudBlue partners.

Over the last several years, Mail2World has enjoyed the opportunity to meet with partners and speak at CloudBlue events. As an important offering in any cloud portfolio of services, we appreciate working closely with the CloudBlue international teams to enable service providers to lower internal costs of their existing email and provide a marketing tool to increase their overall cloud revenue.

As the next evolution of CloudBlue, Ingram Micro’s cloud services platform manages and supports more than 200 of the largest cloud marketplaces on the planet. By partnering with industry leaders such as Ingram Micro, Mail2World is able to assist their partners to provide important services to their customers and generate revenue from their cloud portfolio.

The CloudBlue platform increases business efficiencies by providing automation and an easy end-to-end provisioning, management and support subscription model for service providers around the world. By providing a centralized, integrated platform, carriers and large service providers are able to accelerate the growth of their services revenue and provide value to their customers.