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Mail2World’s Mobile App Syncs Files to Webmail’s Drive

Mail2World, Inc. a global provider of advanced email solutions, announced today that its Mobile App can now synchronize files with Webmail’s Drive. The integrated feature enables two-way synchronization from the mobile application to the user’s Webmail or vice versa. Syncing can be initiated from the accounts section within settings or auto-sync can be turned on. If auto-sync is turned on, the interaction is seamless, and the user doesn’t have to take any further action.

The auto-syncing of files can be configured within Settings to occur at specific time intervals. For example, sync intervals can range from “every 15 minutes” to “once a day.” An important and unique sync feature is that the process will check if synced files have changed and then only update those changed files. This feature ensures that a user’s device is not constantly “tasked” with syncing files between Mobile App and Webmail.

The Mobile App can be configured to sync a variety of files including but not limited to: docs, photos, and video files. Both Android and the iOS version of Mobile App can sync a variety of file types. With the feature available for Google and Apple mobile devices, the sync feature is an example of Mail2World’s technical leadership that values and serves its customers, regardless of the mobile platform they use.