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Mail2World Adds Zoom In/Out Feature to Mobile App

September 15, 2015


Mail2World announced the newest feature on its MobileSync application:  Zoom in/Out.  The company introduced the newest feature enhancement for both Android and iOS platforms to make viewing messages and folder details easier.  The Zoom In/Out feature allows users to employ touch hand gestures to expand the viewing areas on mobile devices, and  takes full advantage of each platform’s touch technology.


The Zoom-in/zoom out enhancement allows users to magnify message content, folders,  and images for a more detailed, close-up  view by simply expanding and closing their fingers while touching the screen. This useful functionality can be used in a multitude of applications, such as reading messages; viewing photos and attachments; and opening and reading documents or PDFs. These are just a few examples of where the Zoom-in/zoom out enhancements can be utilized.


The Zoom In/Out feature is one of many planned updates to Mail2World’s smartphone application.