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Access All Your Email Accounts from a Single App

Business professionals frequently check two or more email accounts throughout the day. According to a report by Radicati, the number of active email accounts will surpass 5.2 billion by the end of 2018. In response, the newly launched Mail2World Mobile Apps enables users to manage multiple email accounts from a single unified inbox, where all messages can be managed. Users may have specific accounts for work, family and friends, and even for common online activities such as shopping.

The all-in-one account feature gives the user a quick setup option for Mail2World accounts and five of the major free email providers: Google, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud and AOL. Additionally, users can input their own custom IMAP settings to integrate an email provider that is not available by default. To add an account from one of the default providers, simply select the provider from the “Add Account” page and input your account credentials in the login screen that appears. All of the account contents will automatically begin appearing in the app.

In the Settings section of the app, users can add multiple email accounts to be integrated into the Unified Inbox. For more detailed instructions on how to add a new email account to the app, please refer to Mail2World’s Help Center, located at the end of the main menu within the app. Alternatively, users will be guided through the “adding an account” process as they set up the app for the first time.

Mail2world recognizes the importance of being able to access multiple accounts from a central location. This feature will help users to manage and organize emails from all of their accounts from one, central location, eliminating the need for multiple sign-ins and remembering multiple passwords, allowing users to stay organized and focused so they can accomplish their objectives for each email message sitting in their inbox.

To find out more about the other great features available in Mail2World’s Mobile App, please read our press release.