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Make Signatures Stand Out by Adding an Image

Email signatures are a marketing opportunity that is often missed by many businesses. With more than two-billion emails sent and received throughout 2017 alone, companies must find new ways to stand out in the crowd. In response, Mail2World has added a new “image in signature” capability, which enables users to combine the power of visuals and text to leave a lasting impression.

The image in signature feature in WebMail V12 allows users to embed images within a signature to make their email function as an easy-to-find rolodex card, enabling them to leave behind important contact information, and a picture or company logo. The signature may include (but is not limited to) the sender’s name, title, contact phone number, company URL, and a highly-visual company logo. 

Located in the Settings area of WebMail V12, users can create and save signatures with images by simply copying and pasting images that are currently stored on their Drive application into new and existing signatures. For more detailed instructions on how to add an image to a signature, please refer to Mail2World's Add Image to Signature PDF (see below). Once the signature has been created, users will be able to insert it into any email they wish using the Rich Text editor toolbar. Alternatively, users can use their new signature as their default one so that it appears on every outgoing email.  In addition, because users can create multiple signatures on the Mail2World platform, different images can be used for multiple account signatures.

Mail2world recognizes the importance of signatures in business correspondence. This feature helps senders to stand in forefront of the recipient’s mind via a business picture or company logo, allowing them to get noticed among the thousands of emails that are received daily.


Add Image to Signature