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Quick Filters Display Only Email Users Wish to See

In 2017, the number of emails sent and received per day totalled over 269 billion.  That figure is expected to grow by an annual rate of 4.4% over the next four years, according to Radicati, a marketing research firm.  With the high volume of email being sent and received per day, it can be easy for email to get buried in an ever-expanding inbox. With that in mind, Mail2World has added Quick Filters to its WebMail v12 platform, a new feature that allows users sort and view only the emails they wish to see. 

Quick Filters allow users to view emails using popular filter criteria, such as “From Sender”; “To me”; “with attachments”; and “Unread”, to name a few.   These useful filters make it much easier for users to quickly locate emails that meet that criteria. Other notable filters include the “Company Directory” filter, which allows users to filter messages from a particular group of contacts; and the starred filter, which isolates previously-starred messages so that they can quickly be accessed.  Quick Filters are easily accessible from the triangular Quick filters menu icon located to the right of the inbox on the navigation bar. Users can click on the triangle icon to expand the filter menu and can select the filter(s) they wish to use. Multiple filters can be used simultaneously, and can be activated to further fine-tune the sorting criteria. 

Quick Filters were designed to sort messages into a smaller, more manageable, groups, making it easier for users to view only the messages that they want to see.    These filters are yet another way Mail2World is improving the experience for users on its platform.