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Mail2World Adds Snooze Feature to Its Mobile App

Mail2World announces the promotion of a “snooze emails” feature to the Android and iOS mobile applications.  Users can choose from three different configurations, to create the specific action they desire.

For example, users can postpone emails and temporarily remove them from their inbox until they need them. This configurable feature allows the user to decide when they would like an email to come back to the top of their inbox – e.g., tomorrow, next week, or this evening. The new feature is found under the More Options menu. This new feature can come in handy when:

  • Removing distractions from your inbox.
  • Easily finding important emails in a designated folder.

Snooze is a valuable feature for users with crowded inboxes. If a user has a high traffic email account, they probably already make use of folders, rules, and filters. Now, instead of leaving emails that are “to be addressed later” in their inbox, users can activate the snooze feature to temporarily remove messages from their inbox but not delete them. The snooze feature is yet another step forward toward achieving the ultimate goal of “Inbox Zero.”