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Mail2World’s Green IT Infrastructure Leads the Way in Eco-Friendly Technology

LOS ANGELES, Calif., July 25, 2018 -- Mail2World, Inc., a global provider of advanced outsourced email solutions, announced today the next phase of its Green IT initiatives. Within the Green IT Energy Policy are specific environmental initiatives to optimize IT operations, IT infrastructure and data centers. In addition, the initiatives now include an ongoing health-check to revisit and further refine Mail2World’s internal processes moving forward.

As climate change concerns and energy needs continue to increase worldwide, environmentally responsible business practices are paramount for the successful future of a company and the markets in which it operates. Implementing green energy initiatives in the technology marketplace not only provides sustainable financial benefits, but reduces a company’s overall environmental footprint.

“The future success of companies depends on whether they implement environmentally friendly business practices, and this next phase of Green IT initiatives continues our trend of implementing eco-friendly practices,” said Youssef Abed, COO of Mail2World. “The benefits of these initiatives will also be felt by Mail2World’s customers, while we continue to lead the way in environmental excellence and Green IT initiatives.” 

Mail2World achieves Green IT goals by having a state-of-the-art infrastructure that adheres to a set of eco-friendly policies and capable infrastructure. Mail2World and its customers receive the benefits of green IT daily through the use of Mail2World’s energy-efficient data centers, optimized hardware infrastructure, and by having the most efficient messaging solution.

Other practices within the green IT energy policy initiatives include implementing enhanced cooling efficiency and energy consumption reduction measures in Mail2World’s data centers and embracing a simple, yet commonsense, energy conservation measures like adjusting thermostats and using motion sensors to turn off lights in offices. With respect to Mail2World’s hardware, (server, network, and storage equipment) as procurement costs are becoming more affordable, it still remains one of the largest expense items that has a trickle-down effect with regards to being environmentally friendly. Mail2World addresses this issue by reducing its energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions and using industry-leading technologies that dramatically improve the efficiency of data center power and cooling operations.

As technology has matured, Mail2World has realized near and long-term financial benefits and demonstrates environmental responsibility by exercising diligence and prudence in technology evaluation, purchase, implementation, operations and management.  As a leading provider of hosted messaging solutions, Mail2World is committed to excellence and setting the benchmark with its environmental strategy and quality standards.

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