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Mail2World VPs to Appear on CNBC's "World Business Review" Discussing Trends in E-Messaging Technology With Host Alexander Haig, Former U.S. Secretary of State



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On June 11, 13 and 14, 2004, William M. Gast, vice president of sales and marketing and David Rodecker, vice president of technology for Mail2World, Inc., will appear in CNBC and TechTV editions of "World Business Review" (WBR) an award-winning television show hosted by General Alexander Haig, former Secretary of State for Ronald Reagan. In multiple broadcasts each day, Haig, Gast and Rodecker will discuss the latest trends in the e-messaging industry and how the technology is helping to improve business and solve challenges. Exact broadcast times and dates are available in the Press Room at and in local program guides.


Haig opens the segment with a global view of e-messaging: "There are about half a billion people around the world who use e-mail to correspond with others. In the near future, that number is expected to skyrocket to at least five billion."


During the three-and-a-half-minute segment, Gast offers viewers a glimpse at front-line action in e-messaging. "One of the fast-growing business trends is outsourcing e-mail to hosting services," says Gast. "Corporations consider e-mail a mission-critical application and have been wary of outsourcing. We're seeing IT managers shift their position because the technology is now reliable and very cost-effective. For example, from a service-level perspective, hosting services are much better equipped with the redundancy necessary for 99.99 percent uptime. And the cost of outsourcing e-mail is far less than maintaining in-house hardware, software and personnel."


Gast also comments on another rising trend in e-messaging: "I believe hosting communications on the Web is the true future of e-messaging," he continues. "It breaks the communication chains imposed by in-house messaging systems and takes everything global. Suddenly, corporations have all the flexibility and reach of the Internet for their messaging and collaboration operations. It's a very exciting new approach to business communications, and the technology is here now. In fact, that's what we do at Mail2World."


WBR's camera crew visited Mail2World's headquarters in Los Angeles, Calif. for the interview, filming several shots of Mail2World's Pangia e-messaging solution in action. Vice President of Technology David Rodecker explains where the next generation of the company's e-messaging is headed: "Essentially, we're integrating what people are already comfortable with, such as Outlook and Instant Messaging, with advanced groupware features. Right now, we're working on wireless capability, document sharing and calendaring," reports Rodecker. "It all comes together on the Web, so there are virtually no boundaries to communication. That's what makes our e-messaging solution so valuable to our enterprise customers and it's a cost-effective replacement for Microsoft Exchange."


Haig summarizes the segment with a note of encouragement: "Those who are seeking ways to tap into the potential of e-mail will find themselves in a position to capitalize on the pending explosion in Internet usage."


About "World Business Review"

"World Business Review" is directed by Emmy Award-winning Alan Levy. The show's news-magazine format provides education about the latest topics, trends and issues in a variety of industries.

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