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Mail2World Introduces HEFTY 1GB Mailbox Capacity

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--November 4, 2003


Global messaging and collaborations provider Mail2World, Inc. announced today that it has launched a 1GB capacity mailbox service, helping large businesses with their increasing demands for larger email storage and file space without the loss of integrity or speed.


"Our message solution delivers 100x more than current email providers. Mail2World's robust technology platform allows the flexibility of a hefty 1GB storage space per mailbox. The speed and performance is flawless," says Sean Game, Sr. Product Development Manager. "Our Internet connectivity has multiple load-shared and failover connection pipelines from multiple leading Internet backbone providers to ensure that data always reaches the end-user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible at 100MBit Internet connectivity rate. Additionally, our Raid-5 disk configuration achieves the utmost speed and redundancy."


At the request of several clients, including enterprises that require large file attachment capabilities and filing space, Mail2World deployed a larger messaging solution. The 1GB Mailbox tailor-fits the storage space request of many customers that use their Mailbox for large multimedia file attachments, file storage, and want the security of a data and system backup.


"Most of our corporate customers want larger mailboxes because they use their email to archive messages. We're in a paperless environment where digital files are common. Most users send their documents as file attachments and are stored in the same manner. Providing the storage space for businesses is essential in our ability to scale as their businesses grow. We've certainly met that challenge with flying colors," added Sean.

About Mail2World, Inc.
Mail2World, Inc. designs, delivers, and supports a technology-leading platform for messaging and collaboration services. The Pangia Platform addresses different customer types specifically: ISPs; Small, Medium, and Large Businesses; Educational Institutions; Portals; and individual users. Mail2World is a privately held corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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