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Mail2World Announces Web-based Email Service Allowing Instant Language Translation for Email Messages



Mail2World, Inc. a Web-based global email service provider based in Century City, California, announced today the launch of an email service that allows the instantaneous translation of email messages from one language to another. The new messaging Web site is still in its testing phase.


"This email service will greatly enhance communications between users around the globe who speak different languages," said Fahad Enany, CEO of Mail2World. "A registered user in New York who speaks only English can compose a message, click a button, have the message translated to French and sent to Paris in both languages."


Mail2World believes that it is the first company to offer fully automated direct language translation for email. Language translation sites have appeared on the Internet, but none are included in email services.


Mail2World developers have created a rich-content email service that has embedded within it third-party language translation software that allows language translation the moment an email message is composed. Pop-up virtual keyboards will allow message composition in languages other than English.


In addition to language translation, the email service offers many other features, such as an address book, a calendar, an organizer, bookmarks, and a customizable user interface. Additionally, upon registration a new user will be allowed to choose from hundreds of different domain names.


Mail2World market research has uncovered enthusiastic interest around the world in language translation messaging.


"Our target market is global, rather than national," said Enany. "Although we will attract a large number of users in the United States, we expect the majority of our users to be registered overseas. Everywhere we have looked - in Mexico, throughout Europe, the Mid-east, in Japan and other Asian countries - we see very strong interest."


The company's web site is located at


About Mail2World, Inc.
Founded in early 2000 and based in Century City, California, Mail2World offers web-based messaging services to a global market. Mail2World technology empowers people around the world to communicate without the barriers of language or geography.


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